The Top 10 Reasons – Why Not to Write a Top 10 List


top ten reasons not to write top ten listHere are 10 reasons why not to write in this manner. There are variances to this ever popular list method. Some reverse and begin from 1, reaching upward. I decided my top 10 list, like so many others, will countdown from 10 prevalent points and arrive at the most popular selection of my opinion. And here they are:

10) Nearly every blogger, webmaster and every single kind of writer on the internet uses some form of top 10 list for everything and anything. They’re easier to write and are like a grocery or to do list which is practical at times but not all that engaging or thought provoking. Flesh out content to connect better with your audience.

9) There are a sufficient amount of current top 10 lists on the internet to forego ever having to write another one (after this one). If this pace increases then the majority of writings in the future will be laden with top reason lists. This will be a literal dystopia!

8) It is no more unique or original doing a top 17 or top 25, especially when some authors have already done 30 or more top 10’s. Write a top ten list and then expand that into a more thought provoking piece of copy without limitations of set numbered lists.

7) Googling ‘top ten list’ = 1,410,000,000 results, [top ten list] = 1,370,000,000 results

6) Content is king and top ten lists are lazy jesters. The internet has matured well in the last 20 something years. Top 10’s are immature and the audience deserves a more human approach when reading online.

  •  Bullet points are way cooler.

4) Top 10’s are spam heaven, bait for links and dulled out ideas the likes of content farms, quick and easy writing to fill space for Adsense ads etc.

3) Great for people with little or no attention span, but, once in a while a top 10 list can be funny or even useful. However, they are not as quantifiable or the same level of quality as a textual “conversation” which engages the audience in a more human approach. Real conversation do not often contain people speaking in top ten terms and this realism should transmute and emote itself to your audience in order to make them feel at ease.

2) Top ten’s feel absolute, are static and opinionated works. The most inspirational and thought provoking writings are personal and dynamic offerings of information, expressed with substance, those which feel interactive to the reader.

1) Googling “why top ten list are no good” -or- “Why Not to Write a Top 10 List” came back with — top 10 lists of don’t do’s. Except one that I found. I thought I was being so unique but that’s my whole point. Top 10 lists are overdone and are the antithesis of unique. Quality and singular stand-out content will win over customers more than yet another listing of brief numbered facts.



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