Social Networking = Get a Voice/Be Herded


social media contentSocial Media Saturation

The door to door salesman no longer rings your doorbell. It is you who seeks his presence through search terms. When landing on a page, the content must act as a human would, by making your stay more comfortable, unique, enriching and useful. Better known as a soft sale.

Social media is a fun, interesting and potentially profitable endeavor for companies. As people, there are many reasons to limit the amount of time we spend on them and yet we are doing the very opposite.

More businesses are entering the social network arena and this, akin to commercial strategy has one bottom line: profit. Corporations aren’t for the most part headed by fun, artistic or hip beings. For this effort, marketing teams are hired to poise flash and appeal as they imbue fantasy and desire. Social sites are an easier and more direct approach to flood with the new branding tools of marketing, or better said, commercial ads designed to seem otherwise.

On many social sites,  the increase in clusters of readily segmented customers is a dream come true for advertisers. Viewing the behavior patterns of most social networks from a corporate view-point, high above, goes as follows : Everyone gives their personal and private information and are in time, readily pigeonholed. Find the right outlet or social opinion leaders and almost anything can spread like some contagious disease. The people who are being marketed to, do most of the work for the brand itself.


Many People on Social Sites Merely Post Other People’s Art

Here is the real dilemma, many people on social networks re-post other people’s art and want others to commend them for it. This differs from examples of spreading valid and useful information. They are scraping in a sense. Still, this is the point of showing others many well written pieces.

Then, there is the flood of call to actions. Be sure to like my post, check out my other blogs, sign up with your email, subscribe, follow me, + this @ that #blahblah. Most offerings on the internet and especially social sites seem driven by goals to either appease the search engines, their followers or trying to sell you something. Regardless of how magical Google’s algorithms are, there lacks the true human spirit of creation and it trades it for a metamorphoses into marketing strategy. Everyone is a marketing exec now, even a 10 year old.


social media content


Privacy Issues

Again, and a more than obvious peril of social media is that they demand personal information including at most times a phone number. Most of these sites allow you to select how people view your info or posts. The idea of divulging your personal information makes it easier for those you know to easily find you. Before social media, people were still reluctant to divulge and now there is not much choice. Possibility of identity theft is one negative aspect to adding certain amounts of personal facts and having it readily available. In actuality once your personal info is available online almost anyone can find it.


Social Network Grammatical Deficiencies

Spell check is not enough. There are so many spelling mistakes online and in social media, aside from the shorthand and colloquialisms. Sometime blog have so much grammar mistake and there are spelling witch can still please the spell checker and this may change in the future but four now it get annoying to sum people.


Online Socializing Can Prove Addictive

Constantly checking in and having your digital life in the back of your mind is an addiction. Even though there is mass appeal, someone needs to point out the negative aspects which can seem pathetic and depraved. Socializing is a very good thing but social networks are more like what kool-aid is to real fruit. This can swallow up your actual social life and experiences to take in from reality. Some people are in denial of their actual personality versus their online presence and the two may be quite different. Getting lost in social networks can confuse who they truly are in real life.



People’s personalities can shine through on social networks. Any inert and transferable charisma is a terrific way to network and make positive personal and business connections online. Some people, even unknowingly, grow synthetic traits or behave in ways that they wouldn’t if the cyber walls were removed. Many low forms of people open fake profiles, are up to no good and not the people you’d want to befriend in real life. Then there is cyber bullying which is already cowardly but online it is even more so.

Time Consuming

This can be time consuming and eat up more important things to enjoy and experience beyond if someone read your post, followed your blog or liked your feed. Then the more people you add, the more updates you have to sift through to figure out which is worth reading and this in itself wastes more time.

Personal Privacy

Employers can check on your social sites and see what you post then read or see something they find inappropriate. This can be done before hiring as a check or while currently employed. People have lost their jobs for their own private postings. This can limit your freedom of speech outside of the work realm. As cool as social media can seem, it’s been in some way or other infiltrated. Prior to social networks, your boss couldn’t easily repress your freedoms outside of work, and now they have the tools to do so.

Online Cliques

Real life is formed of divisible social cliques and this also parallels into the digital landscape. I personally feel it is more so online. Social networks are amazing for meeting new people or reconnecting with those you have not seen in years. All this is such a great and positive thing but then there is homophily. This term describes the tendency to associate with others who have similar interests and beliefs. Some people have vast interests but the gates are difficult to enter within certain digital cliques and even harder than in real life. Face to face situations add personalities to the mix which are more visible and hold more sway than any element in the digital world. This is also the biggest downfall of anything proffered and related to the internet as a whole.


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