The Mobile Market and Google as ISP




Google Glass

Google, the “independent” Net Service Provider

The total number of global internet users will increase in size by 700 million by the year 2015. The internet marketing buzz bespeaks constantly of the shifting and increase in users on mobile networks to overtake the totals, compared to PC’s. This is to occur sometime this year.

There should be no surprise, that there are talks out there saying Google is looking to become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), by offering mobile service plans using other company’s existing networks. Sprint and Verizon are some of the grapevine mentions. MVNO companies often operate independently utilizing their own internal staffing along with customer service.

Research firm IDC has issued a report several years ago, stating that smartphones increasingly outsell simple cell phones and tablets sales rise exponentially each year, all told, that mobile Internet users will increase by a compounded annual growth rate of 16.6% between 2010 and 2015.

Google pretty much has the entire share of global mobile search to themselves at 95% of the market. They provide popular software for cell phones and are top of the list in speed for broadband connections with their Fiber brand in the United States. Now, big G will go ahead and negotiate purchasing access to existing wholesale 3G and 4G networks for the intent of providing to their customers at lower rates, in order to browse the web, make calls and send texts on mobile phones.


Matching Google Glass/Wearables With Mobile Internet Services

This move could help sell the Nexus range of phones with contracts or service plans. Perhaps, Google will even be so kind as to offer customers affordable package deals as they are fast becoming even more of a one stop technology supermarket. This all makes more sense given Google’s recent venture with smartwatches. Not to mention, the nascent tech toy Google Glass, that can be had at $1,500 US for those early adapters, paving the way for the masses, when, shortly, it will be taken more seriously and seen as a tech tool must have. Expect Google’s mobile internet services to compliment and form a nice pairing in the eventual mass marketing of both these examples of android driven wearables.



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