Warning : Windows Phone OS and Fake Google Apps


fake google apps on windows store









Bad Google Apps

Microsoft seems to be approving malicious fake apps recently in their Windows Phone Store. Users have been downloading, paying for and installing apps from a fake Google company, selling fake apps, which potentially go rogue.

WinBeta spotted the problem this morning.

“We removed a series of apps for violating our policies concerning the use of misleading information,” a Microsoft spokesperson explained, “The apps attempted to misrepresent the identity of the publisher.”

If your phone runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, take heed when deciding to download a Google app from the Windows Phone store since you may wind up with detrimental malaware in disguise.


Google, Inc.

The fake Google Apps mentioned are: Google+, Hangouts, Maps, Google Search and Voice, which are selling for $1.99. Yet, these apps are normally free. The publisher is Google, Inc. instead of Google Inc. The comma is what is separating the true trusted publisher and the scam company. On top of being ripped off for paying for free apps, once installed they pose serious threats to your privacy by secretly tracking user location, leaking email addresses and phone logs to third-parties. In worse case scenarios, the apps have been said to cause man in the middle attacks. As of this writing, the fake apps have been taken down.

Up to this point, the only Google  product available on the Windows Phone store is Google Search. If there were to be other apps available from Google, announcements would be made and buzz from the multitudes. Obviously, no such announcement was ever made.




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