Google Bots Open Your Mail To Understand You Better



New Google Terms Allow Gmail To Scan Emails

You knew it. Your Gmail letters are read through by automated software. Google has made the announcement that they will share this fact in their newly revised terms of service.

Let loose the paranoia squad who’ve been ranting away at privacy issues concerning tech giants and Orwellian predictions. Seems unsafe to go about your business wearing Google Glass lately, even if they aren’t powered on. Why does poor Glass get that anti-techie treatment? The entire population of smart phone owners are walking camera lenses with the same capabilities to snap away pictures and videos.

It is so much easier to hide your cell phone. Smart phones are numerous and have blended so deep into the fabric of society that they are more likened to the very seems which hold it all together. We love smart phones and tablets, as we take them everywhere. We will gladly give our information and location unquestioningly and rarely think twice. Geo tracking helps us make better and more personal choices on where to exert our consumerism efforts nearby.

Email Privacy at Google

Jump with me onto the same vein but the topic of emails. Wonderful emails predate smart phones and wearables, tablets and the high number of computers each of us own or work on. One of the things we spend most time doing on all these advanced devices are, you guessed it, emailing one another. Emails are powerful, they made the keyboard mightier than both the sword and pen. We are comfortable with them and trust the actions taking place behind the scenes and everything in between. Letter writing has never been so fast and easy to create, received almost anywhere in the world instantly and no postage or handler. Are they secure though? Can they be intercepted and read? Short answer, yes, and that is clearly an infringement on personal privacy.

Know this fact: it is not a condemnation on your personal rights if you conform to it. Google has gone and changed their personal privacy for this very reason. You know, that long languid textual agreement we all scan through so we can move on swiftly to the more important and exciting aspect of reading our personal electronic letters online in the trusted digital world. Here is the snippet you should read before using Gmail from today forward:

“Our automated systems analyse your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malaware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored.”

Google’s ads, search results, network and many products are smart and relevant because they use so much of the info we give to them. They get our feedback with or without our permission from their many offerings and at a cost of our individual choice of privacy. Some we can turn off and some not but must agree upon in lengthy terms of services we rarely read through.

Google is now letting us know that they scan the content of emails stored on their servers and those emails you send or receive from your Gmail account. What do they scan and keep for themselves? Information. They clean away any spam or malware -search relevancy`s evil foe- and probably peruse the raw material we as people offer for them to turn to gold; mined likewise from all that content we read and share and send and show emotion towards. They understand how we tick because we explain it to them. Analysis of the human condition, patterns and thought are the most valuable of assets people share on the internet.

To know each one of us by prying is to better understand our habits, tastes and our intimate emails -to gather and foster us into sheepish drones who walk around wearing dorky Google Glasses. No, I am only joking. It is to sell to us. The idea is to improve relevancy and revenue streams. Google is a massive ad agency. They are perfecting their already impressive direct marketing tactics.

Information is the true power and we the people give it away for some magic beans and shiny trinkets that we became so immediately addicted to. This is why people who wear Google Glass get beat up for no reason. They are visual representation of how humans have sold out their future, as there still exists people who are aware of the dwindling rights of privacy we as people used to share.


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