Google’s Future : The Flying Car



The Flying Car Cometh


What do you get when you purchase drone technology, teach cars how to think and drive on their own by learning and anticipating the obstacles of their surrounding? Then, add the fact that artificial intelligence will improve as decades pass.

Want to know?


You get the potential for internet in hard to reach places and a car for lazy people. But wait!


You also get the potential of a dream. You may have dreamed of this at some point and if it will exist in your lifetime.


Many techno toys seen on the Jetsons and Star Trek have become a reality and the most anticipated promise of the future is hands down, the flying car.


Google bought 8 promising robot start-up companies in 2013.   purchase of the Nest company and their learning thermostat technology was an easy one to crack. It’s a somewhat Faustian exchange. Home owners will provide information to a self regulating thermostat  -Google will garner info on when residents are home or away and for how long, if they are upstairs, downstairs and so on. The unit is being aptly compared to HAL 9000, the egocentric and maniacal computer from 2001: a space odyssey. The goal is to cut unneeded energy usage and saving people money on their electric or gas bill in exchange for gaining useful metrics of domestic information.


The driverless car will soon become a reality. It will be one of many new and exciting robot technology stepping stone. Drones are in vogue and Google’s car is aimed at a future where people are happy to remove the term driver from car. To be driven around so that one can read, work, study and sleep -those things you do while riding on a bus, in a cab or maybe a limo. Today, any car enthusiast will tell you that the value and freedom that comes with owning a car is to actually drive and have control of the machine itself, not the reverse. Taxi’s and buses using this form of technology in the future will save labor expenses, though more people will be out of a job.


The initial release of the Google smart cars will be akin to a 21st century cruise control. A really flashy version that won’t drift your car into a ditch if you forget or doze off on the highway. It will be a robotic butler who drives you around without the need for intermittent conversation. Only at first, the technology will take time to accustom our trust and most will need to keep their hands and legs ready to react if need be. Still there is a nice luxury to be driven, sight see and check your email on your commute to work. A great way to be a back seat driver in the driver seat.


I am trying to assemble the puzzle that is the true potential of the recent technology purchases made by Google. I also was excited to hear about Amazon’s potential delivery drones and the possibility of needing to commercialize airspace so that packages can be delivered by little flying robots. Combine this all and form the awesome power of the much anticipated flying car, coupled with a self regulating, talking air conditioner. Let’s see them soon Google, if anyone is going to pull this off in the current generation, it is surely you.




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