Social Media : Be That Teacher Everyone Enjoys


social media is the teacher everyone likes


Social Media Content

Building brand authority, engaging people with solid content, knowledge sharing, and attracting new potential clients to visit your website are some of the essential and desired results of marketing on social networks. You can leverage these powerful sites in order to build trust, create interest and eventually turn prospective web users into clients. In turn, they will retain your business or recommend others and each has the potential to spread a positive buzz about your company.


There are a plethora of books, blogs, articles and opinions that offer plenty of strategies with tactics to make the best of your social media marketing efforts. Here, I simplify much of this information with an analogy, providing helpful tips for a solid foundation on how to get on the level with your social media following and build lasting relationships which are the keys to generating sales at a later phase in the buying cycle.


Best Marketer On Social Sites is the Teacher Everyone Likes

Let’s start with the analogy: That amazing professor in college or high school etc. You must have a favorite, one or more that you recall from past experience or even someone presently that you credit as a someone you learn from. There are many reasons some teachers stand out in their students’ minds, in some instances for many years to follow. Possible reasons include that He or She:

  • Was down to earth
  • Did not force feed the curriculum onto the class
  • Behaved in an organized fashion and was timely but still, fun and entertaining
  • Used a type of story telling approach to teach
  • Addressed and rectified any negatives or complaints in a positive manner
  • Did not merely follow the required reading but added value to the curriculum
  • Taught and also learned from his/her students by interacting with them
  • Caused discussion in and out of the classroom
  •  Added knowledge and insight to students’ minds each class
  •  Did not abuse authority but rather became a respected and trusted figure
  •  Had an open office policy when possible and made time for students’ personal queries
  •  Showed a real passion for what he/she taught and that it wasn’t just a job
  •  Made the classroom fun and challenging with contests and prizes
  •  Explained with text, speech, visuals and videos for all to absorb


Use the above analogy as a marketer, where the classroom is the vast open space of users on a social site and you, the teacher, are the marketer. The best teachers are the ones who make learning interactive and fun. Everyone can participate and learn including the teacher.


The teacher is not selling anything and neither should you, the marketer, on any social media channels. For example, with Reddit, it is a tight knit circle of people who admonish and can smell out marketers who push their advertisements. Social sites are first and foremost a gathering of many people who create an identity and want to connect with others. The best way to be on the level with people on social sites is to connect with them and take time to nurture relationships. Understand your audience, know how to identify and please your target. In time, they may visit your site and become a client but marketing on social networks is mainly for exposure and making lasting relationships. It is a virtual gathering for vast amounts of diverse people and it is for and about people, not your brand.


Speak to and for the people, know them and understand them. Engaging on social sites means creating and cooperating in mutual conversation, understanding, informing and adding value to thought enhancing topics. This will attract people to visit your site. That should be your goal on social networks. Market to them once they are on your site or landing page.



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