Writing Like a Jedi: Mindful SEO



How to Write Like a Jedi Using The SEO Force

Spend more time…

  • Learning about your topic of interest, or whatever it is you are writing about.
  • Understanding your audience and how they speak and how and when they ingest information.
  • Honing your skills on how to express in the most enjoyable and engaging manner with people.
  • Focusing on how to add value into to your writing.
  • Checking for grammar or spelling errors.
  • Affecting the right emotions onto your audience.

Spend less time…

  • Worrying about statistics, writing is about expressing to an audience.
  • Trying to figure out how semantic search, Google bots and SERP’s affect what you write. Just write
  • Attempting to write like your competitors or other sites whose content scores well…be unique
  • Using too much lingo or shop terminology or trying to sound overly intellectual.
  • Making writing decisions based purely on analytics.

Regardless of search engine algorithms, the writer’s goal is to attract, speak to and engage relevant content to an intended audience. That audience will seek information online using various descriptions. An insider will use more lingo or technical language whereas someone not as fluent on the topic may use a different approach to seeking it out. Knowing the topic and audience is how your writing will appease readers and search engines. Your keywords are by natural causes embedded in the way you speak when taking on this manner and approach.

Write For The Target and Others

Keywords are like categories or silos, they arrange information and speak to search engines but they also display terminology that matches related searchers. This in turn, unites readers with the subject of your content. By means of expression, like using certain lingo, shows your prowess for a given topic -that you know what you are talking about. Speaking a certain way, or using certain phrases, may esteem and display your “insider” knowledge.  The true master engages and speaks to the advanced and beginner with the same content, when applicable. Share your wealth of knowledge to your intended readers but leave it open to those who happen upon it who may be outside that reach. Reach those unreachable, who are outside your radar or not part of your niche or statistics. Great writing can transcend all levels of readership and search algorithms.

SEO Study

Studying the many analytics gathered from your site and researching relevant keywords/phrases are elements that take a certain skill comparable to the force from Star Wars. They flow through the SEO Jedi writer. Much study is required. Time and patience are essential to becoming a master who writes content that travels up the results ladder and is both compelling and interesting to a wide array of readers and most importantly to your target readers. Good writing gets spread on its own accord.


Know When to Let Go of The SEO Force

Set aside all those numbers and key terms you have already spent so much time gathering and analyzing. When you write, just write. Create true, soulful and share worthy content. Let go of the force, meaning, let go of all those hours of studying and analyzing and let your writing flow naturally on its own, as such your style will also flow out naturally.

This approach to writing content can easily produce your best efforts. It is way beyond cliché to mention how important content is and how this sustains the backbone of your SEO efforts and planning. The quality of content available on your site, blog or what have you, is more important than anything. Help get it found with search engine marketing tactics but make it so good on its own that even with very few readers those that give their time are pleased and informed. They will return the favor by telling others about it. The people online are more important than your results page. They know other people and this can duplicate the readership of your content.

Just Write Content

Whether your approach is a handful of related keywords or long tail phrases, the best writing actually comes from no keyword planning at all. I am not suggesting to forego strategic placement of keywords, for example, in the title or the H1 and H2 tags etc. Adding keywords in alt tags for pics are a great way to squeeze in a bit more information and add variability with vertical searches. I am saying good writing does not require all that much keyword planning. If you know your niche topics well enough, then your writing will already contain all the semantics and shop talk required for users and engines to associate what subject and level of audience your content is aiming to appeal towards.

In Star Wars letting the force flow through oneself is nothing more than an analogy to the life forces available in real existence. We have within ourselves the capacity to achieve greatness by combining training, dedication and knowledge. Once in place, we should always seek to grow these attributes.


SEO Mind Tricks

Here is an example. Inforaphs are works of art, more art expression than vital information. They tell a story. Infographs are tools. They are marketing tools that can be spread to many people because of the way web users have come to seek absorbing messages. More often than not, those creating them spend more time on their visual aesthetics in order to spoon feed a rather small amount of material. The base architecture of any infograph is the idea contained within the textual information. In the end, the take away should be useful value added knowledge that spreads, not great graphics.

Semantic search is the solution to leveraging well researched topics and good writing. Niche keywords and related terms or semantics are automatically within the context of the subject for the content in question. Knowing your topic well and putting time and devotion into the research will be enough to contain vital information that search engines and readers will find relevant and useful. Know your audience and study the topic and audience well enough to be the mediator between those who seek specific information and that which you are providing. When writing do not do anything but write. All that which you already spent time learning statistic wise will work itself out with quality writing.


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