Great Ideas For 3D Mapping Phones/Tablets




Project Tango


Back in February, Google made the announcement that their Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team was working on an exciting project for smartphones dubbed Project Tango. These new phones will gain the ability to map the surrounding area and comprehend their environment in three dimensions. Smart phones gain more intelligence with the ability to see its surrounding the same way humans see and comprehend space and motion. It is a way to increase the reality factor, for example when users view maps which renders a more accurate location.   There are many applications for such a technology and teams of software developers are creating applications for this new technology. Ideas are being planted in this fertile new trend. Just a few days ago, a farther announcement stated that there will indeed be a 7″ tablet with 3D imaging capacity offered from Google as well.


Ideas For New Applications Project Tango May Offer


I have a few ideas I would like to share that take the ability of a phone or tablet to good use once it can create a virtual map of your home or any given space in real-time. Some concepts may need more time to develop properly. Some have already been mentioned in the media mixed with my own ideas. Note that it will take time for certain possibilities of usage for this exciting technology but it is seemingly endless. The more time passes and people and companies map the “world” both exterior and interior, the more countless uses this technology will offer :

  • Improved and more personalized reality gaming. This will integrate and share well on sites like Youtube or Twitch.
  • This technology can aid those unfortunate people with visual impairments.
  • Enjoy watching a webinar? Online learning? How about the speaker or teacher presents the topic to you in the comfort of your living room, as you watch it all on your tablet!
  • Computer Automated Design (CAD) has never been easier. You won’t need swatch samples to see how repainting or redesigning rooms in your home will potentially look. Will that bookcase fit? Does that table or chair match the rest of the furniture?
  • Having stores, outlets, and malls mapped out for online shoppers will make for an even better and more realistic experience. Not to mention help find your parked car. Otherwise it can facilitate the experience itself in person by navigating you directly to the product in question and offering much value added information. Shopping in store or online will have the same feel.
  • This technology may be useful for security reasons. Amber alerts will take on new meaning. Suppose the accused offender is seen by a person or by their phone or tablet in real time, or say, the accused’s licence, car or face -then this information will send location and photo details to the proper authorities.
  • You see someone dance, throw a Frisbee really well and can now record them in 3D and learn the motions at your own pace by mapping their movements for later use.
  • Google’s drones, robots and driverless cars will more than likely benefit and use some form of this technology once the mapping has gathered enough data.
  • Taking a photo with said technology can facilitate a painter’s perspective when rendering the photo capture onto canvas.
  • Mapping your home with an app that can audit its surrounding and foresee your child’s safety as it has the capacity to make certain it is child safe.
  • How about reality porn right in front of you in real time… Maybe in the near future!

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