The 7 Personalities of Social Networking




There are many personalities online who collate on social networks. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are 7 personality types you may have come across. These make up the main characters who are persistent on the variety of social networks. Which one are you and how can each be beneficial to your ongoing online networking strategy?


1) Social Network Content Curators

This subgroup makes up the bulk of most social networks.These are those folks who read, hear or see something online and share that content to their network of friends, followers or community. Some post often enough that in time they can become a trusted source of information. They relay topical content to those who benefit most. For the most part, these types of networkers do not contribute much in the sense of originality by means of their own creativity. If they find something that is original and adds value all the better. Those curators who post things that are from major sites and blogs or widespread news are not truly adding value. The best curators are those who share that which adds insight and if they choose fresh content that may have been harder to find. Otherwise this bunch is just a mass serving to others something just as easily found or what most have already have read, seen or heard before.


2) Original Content Creator Curators

Those people on social media sites who have the ability to create original and valuable content and share with others are invaluable to their friends, community and followers, provided the topics enthrall and contain an added value. A good mix here for personality is a duality of both the content curators, those who contribute already existing content and their own creations with unique perspectives on existing trending topics. The original content creator is not alone and thus has become somewhat of a commodity. The more fresh, relevant and consistent content these authors provide, the more value in what they offer will spread alongside added trust, authority and reliability from others who will want to be part of this persons circle or friends or followers.


3) The Readers of Content

There are some on social networks who are just as happy taking a back seat to all the action taking place. They do not add much in terms of value content wise, nor do they contribute much in conversations taking place. As the personality clearly states, they are merely readers, and passive at best. They are happy reading what is posted online and eventually they evolve into one of the more active personalities as mentioned above or they leave their account and sign in 2 times over the next 3 years when they are bored.


4) The Trolls

These are a nasty bunch. They are the readers who are mean. They add many comments but they are all capitals, negative and insulting. The troll hinders the flow of conversation with inane insults usually directed at the author’s expense or go way off topic on some triad. Trolls are no better than spam and much of them are just that. Google+ and the future of the internet and other social networks are heading in more transparent one of true identity on the web. So the days of trolling are numbered.


5) The Look at Me’s

These are the people with an astounding amount of fans or followers and friends. They will usually not be picky with who they themselves add as they are purely out for the numbers. They do have a tendency “liking” and resharing content but the truth is they barely read anything and overall are out for nothing more than to use social sites as a popularity contest.


6) The Quizzical and Whimsical

The quizzical are those personalities who often curate other peoples content, self help pics, selfies, quotes and then constantly add their own additional questions in the quest to spark a conversation. These are the types to send you those personality quizzes, where you get to find out you are like Ross from the hit TV show “Friends” which bums you out for the rest of the afternoon. Those who falter most in self identifying are usually the types of people who constantly fill out self identity quizzes linked with mainstream entertainment in order to self identify. All said, these are people who find utility in the more useless yet virally potential content on social sites.


7) The Fantastically Happy

These are people who post their every move and mood. They live and breath online and seem to be on their social networks of choice all day and night. They need all their followers or friends to see what they just saw or ate or will do or see or eat. These are people who don’t know how to live in the moment and lose those moments as they post everything to their social sites. They are self absorbed in their every move to which posting situations demonstrate a life better than their actual reality. Their life seems way more interesting than it truly is by means of their postings. They are approval seekers but only add commentary to their own postings which are vain and truly uninteresting or any mentions of themselves in other peoples commentary. Overall these are not as bad as trolls but are just as useless to a community and are spammers of a friendlier kind.


The main theme in the New York Times bestseller, “Linchpin”, author and marketing guru extraordinaire, +Seth Godin, describes all people as potential artists who can be geniuses. This takes acknowledging the possibility of failure and yet fledgling ever forward unscathed by what others may think. The potential art in all of us is indeed a gift and one worth sharing. Social networks contain much information and that information can best be called content. In that content there is much time and effort from those who can be considered artists. Many people on social networks are curators, surfers, seekers and resharers, creators, commentators, readers and many others. The network like life itself has many personalities and they all make up a social setting of communal effort in the goal to share and expound knowledge and information.


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