Social Media and Dating Sites : What Goes Through Our Heads


social media is like online dating

Social Media Sites are Like Dating Sites

The internet is rife with dating and social media sites. They have much in common with one another. After all, a date is like a job interview and meeting people online has many similarities with seeking connections of any sort. The medium is the middleman but those involved are still after all, people. We find connections online in the sense of friends, business contacts, fellow bloggers or those with similar interests. It is the stigma of the internet for all these personal endeavors that has come to an end in more recent years. The internet of the future demands true identity. Gone are the days of phony profiles and hiding.


What goes through our mind after completing a social media or dating site profile?

You need to fill out personal information for both social media sites and dating sites for best results and then the following takes place in your head:


  • I just gave my workplace and home phone number, was that a good idea?
  • Will this profile picture help gain a following?
  • Is my boss going to see any of this?
  • Hey, my boss is also on here, oh no, he is definitely going to see this.
  • How many people on here have real profiles? How will I know for sure?
  • Why is her profile picture of her in a bathing suit? Are there any more?
  • Did that guy post a selfie from the reflection of his bathroom mirror because he heard the song about selfies or just because?
  • I may close this profile right after I finish setting up. No, that would be such a waste.
  • I got added by someone who sells Christmas socks in June, why?
  • What exactly is meant by “It’s complicated” under relationship status? It’s pretty cut and dry actually.
  • Hooray, I got a comment but it’s in a language even Google translate can’t figure out.
  • Are people actually who they say they are here? How come this” English teacher” uses funny faces instead of commas and proper grammar?
  • I’m closing this profile. No, I can’t. One more day. If this doesn’t improve then I will close it.
  • A month has passed and all I got was spam and few decent connections, it must be my profile, I’ll rewrite it and maybe change my photo.
  • That guy just got 45+ on Google+ for re-posting a Matt Cutts video and I’m writing a blog every day and barely getting 10.
  • I need to comment more, write more and find that picture where I look like I am having fun and don’t know a picture is being taken of me.


In time, by reading, commenting and adding value to the lives of people on social sites indeed the efforts will pay off. Similarly for dating sites, persistence and good conversation win the day and make the internet a worthy and vast network of interesting people who would not connect were it not for the amazing technology which allows for all this, most importantly, the people.







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