Information is King but Social Sweepster Can Clean The Mess



Information is a resource that has an extremely high value.

The posts and pics you share and the things you say on your social media site may not be a true disclosure of who you truly are as a person but it is best to treat the things you do online as professionally and socially acceptable as possible with a certain decorum for many reasons.


Otherwise you can always delete any embarrassing posts or pictures -better yet, now you can use a company like Social Sweepster to help sift through your social media offerings that might be deemed unacceptable and have them removed. Founder Tom McGrath, an Indiana University grad in 2013, offers Social Sweepster’s services if you are lazy, or have many blank out nights and adjoining photos or comments. With the company’s added approach to removing pictures where other similar services filter primarily based on text, you will be in the clear for future eyeballs.


Beer cans, bottles, or those red cups from college parties, frosh week, drunken stupid frat pics or any insipid remarks you may have made can be sifted with Sweepster technology which is still in beta. Users will be able to review these types of flagged pics and delete them, untag themselves or ask a friend to remove any offending photos.


Obviously Good Behavior Pays Off On Social Sites

Social media is a massive and growing social gathering and almost everyone is on there, this includes your boss, family members, potential employers or a string of people who may get offended by what you do or say on your social networks of choice. Freedom of speech? Sure, that still exists, only now you better watch what you say, do or post on the internet more than ever. You have the freedom to say what you want but others have the ability to see it, read it and share it. Imagine there is no real privacy to the internet and you will be just fine.


You may unknowingly be judged on the basis of your social media behavior, which is a topic all to itself. Companies are apt to using your social media content or pics to get a better image of who you are and what makes you tick. Marketers and businesses can target and segment you with razor sharp precision and butter you up for advertisements or promotions with the added information you offer up from your search patterns and social media content.


When Marketing guru Gary Vanyerchuck ran Wine Library he would, for example, keep tabs on clients who made a purchase and in one scenario for instance, he learned via twitter feeds that they were a fan of a certain sports star and sent that client a sports jersey of that specific player. Vaynerchuck calls this and the title of one of his popular books, “The Thank You Economy”. In reality he is saying: thank you social media for making it easy to pinpoint more useful information that web 2.0 offers up on the individuality and behaviors of people online.


On the reverse end, you as a person have certain obvious unwritten rules and warnings of what text or images to share and post as well as ideals on what not to post on your various social networks. Plenty of people ignore some of the obvious ones and then later are stung by an employer or potential employer who has perused their Facebook page or Twitter feed and the result is a loss of their employment or potential job. This is a larger and more debatable topic and a real slippery slope of privacy rights and issues. The point is that to be safest, it is better to keep a certain decorum online so as not to seem undesirable to those you hope to impress on a personal or professional level.


Obvious rules of Social Media

1 Don’t post anything you will regret later. This is like a permanent tattoo, be sure it will not become a hindrance down the road. Tattoos can always be removed though, timing is key.

2 Keep your opinions friendly

3 Don’t be racist

… you know what? Forget the numbered suggestions. Behave in a moral and sociable manner and take the internet as a real community not the anonymous one of 1993. Today, the internet and social networks are the same as life itself. If there is an emergency, call in the social media cleaners to the rescue at Social Sweepster.